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Tartary Export is a USA based vehicle export company, specializing in high quality used vehicles

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Mercedes-Benz | lexus | jeep | toyota | dodge | Honda | land rover

Tartary Export will cover all shipping costs 100%

  • 1. Contact us about your desired vehicle
  • 2. We will source your vehicle with the desired specifications
  • 3. Our certified mechanics will put the vehicle under a rigorous inspection to ensure top quality
  • 4. We transport your vehicle to a facility to prepare for export
  • 5. We export your vehicle and cover 100% of the shipping costs

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Is there a vehicle you can't find in your country?

Tartary Export

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Based in Holland, Mi


CEO & Founder

Jayden is the logistics and financial guru who ensures smooth operations throughout all stages of the export process. What he lacks in personality, he makes up with in Ralph Lauren Sweaters

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Vice President

Roberto is the high energy, vehicle expert, mechanic, and negotiator of the team. Problem solving and creativity are two of his biggest strengths, but don't ask him for advice on how to how to tie your shoelaces

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Tartary Export

Tartary Export is committed to providing the high quality vehicles for reasonable prices.
We value trust and integrity over everything.

Our Values

  • Trust - Without trust you have nothing
  • Integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is looking
  • The Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

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